Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Exporting Paths from Adobe Illustrator to 3ds Max - Tip

Few days ago I met problem with saving some basics paths from Adobe Illustrator to 3ds Max. Problem occurred during importing .ai file to Max. There was error with description that file can not be imported because file's type is unknown. The solution for that problem was to change newest version to legacy. For instance from version CS4, CS4 and so on to Illustrator 8.0. It works perfectly and correctly. Finally I was able to import some paths to Max and worked on them.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Military Chests

Lowpoly models for my friend's master diploma project. Modeled, textured in 3ds Max. Diffuse and Ambient Occlusion passes. Compositing in Photoshop with color correction.

Digital Painting

I did this painting for my personal project. For long time I had this picture in my imagination and finally I found time to painted it.

Logistics Support - Web design

I'm cooperating with Losigistics Support and designing web site for them. Here you can see some samples of designing and concepts. There are two versions - light and dark.

In this example I modeled and rendered in 3d top graphics. Next I did some post production touch.

I tried mix some texture with designing. It gives great looking style.